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Everyone has a story, and exact moment in time when the lights come on and realization sets in that this is what makes us happy, content, and filled with desire for more.  BelleStyle's story is born in Miami, moves to Los Angeles and then is made in St. Louis.

For designer and creative director, Heather Krako, it starts the day she releases BelleStyle into the Universe.

Actually, it starts before that, years before.  Heather's path to BelleStyle begins when she was young and sings her heart out.  And grows in middle school when she draws her feelings, releases color onto the page and calls them "doodles".

BelleStyle sightings increase in college when Heather paints, acts, models and starts working with precious metals and semi-precious stones.  Heather discovers the healing properties of stones like jade, turquoise, onyx, and quartz.  She finds tools that help her mold and work with metal and findings she falls in love with.  Heather realizes that many earrings available at her price point are not made of sterling silver and infects ears. Why?  BelleStyle screams when she passes vintage stores and Heather immediately walks through to another time.  A place where she can discover history, and share the craftsmanship with others.  BelleStyle rejoices when Heather adds heirloom artifacts mixed in with her precious metals, stones, feathers, angelwings and chains.

BelleStyle sings when Heather visits the LACMA, MOMA, the Louvre, the MET and screams so violently until Heather calms her with the latest BelleStyle Collection.

Heather loses all sense of time and space when she creates and lets BelleStyle pieces come through.  And BelleStyle won't stop.  BelleStyle with her, inspiring highter art. BelleStyle still does not stop.  BelleStyle wants more art.  More one of a kind treasures to share and inspire more women around the world.  BelleStyle wants to help these woman find inspiration.

Heather starts to partner with non-profits once in California and finds loyal trendsetting boutiques to introduce BelleStyle to worldwide fashionistas and bloggers.   BelleStyle is set free into boutiques and Heather can help her fly.

Who is Bellestyle?

Everyone has beauty.  And everyone has a BelleStyle.  BelleStyle's story begins in 2003.  She was born from endless possibility and pursuit of all things beautiful from the tiniest grain of white sand to the cityscape from the view of the Eiffle tower.  BelleStyle is not one, but all.  The Universe at the palm of her hand.  She is a favorite song, the soft summer breeze, the smile of a fist love, the cry of a newborn baby.  She is timeless love,a passion, a desire, a unique sense of going further and walking down the road less traveled.  She does not take the easy way.  She learns for herself.  She strives to be heard, and carries a grace that is real.  BelleStyle is the song, melody and harmony sung to you by Artist Heather Krako.  BelleStyle is not a piece of jewelry.  It is the gift of beauty itself.

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