HackBerry Wood Spoon - BelleStyle
HackBerry Wood Spoon - BelleStyle
HackBerry Wood Spoon - BelleStyle

HackBerry Wood Spoon

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  • Eco-friendly, sustainable AND supports local artisans right here in America? WE are obsessed with our new One Eye Blind Woodworks collection of Maison Cooking Spoon items for BelleStyle!
  • We use these spoons for all our cooking and baking.
  • They make beautiful salad tossing spoons as well as serving spoons.
  • 100% Real Spalted wood cooking and serving spoon.
  • Non-Toxic, no chemicals used.
  • About One Eye Blind Woodworks: Carved and handcrafted by Dave Wagenseller from Sullivan, Mo. Dave started making cooking utensils using the fallen tress on his beautiful property. Each piece is individually hand made out of Missouri trees that have fallen down. Dave is proud to say that he “does not cut down or buy wood” making his wooden cooking utensils 100% sustainable.  Each one is a different size, shape and wood type. It is sanded super smooth and conditioned with an oil that is especially formulated for wooden cooking utensils. 
  • Food Safe, All natural and hypoallergenic.
  • Logo branding on back from Dave’s heirloom farm from 1910.
  • Care: Just wash with soapy water and condition with mineral oil when necessary.
  • Please do not place in dishwasher.
  • Comes in linen pouch.
  • Available in Regular size 12-13”.
  • Made in USA.