Amazing Amulets

Amazing Amulets

Finding Your Amulet

Many of us have something we wear or carry to bring us luck. A small token that helps us feel safe. It may be a piece of jewelry, or perhaps a particular article of clothing, a crystal. Whatever it is, it’s something that means a lot to us, something we don’t like to be parted from, something that often provides a physical link to a significant memory, person or place that we treasure. This is an amulet or charm, and it can be a powerful focus for your positive energies when you summon your Angel, spirit guide, our inner strength.

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Finding Your Intuition

Intuition is our ability to know something without having learned it- an instinctive knowledge that isn’t based on logical reasoning or study. It’s part gut, feeling, part “sixth sense” and part messages from our subconscious. It’s a natural talent that we all have to a greater or lesser extent, and the more we use it, the better it becomes. Intuition can be of enormous benefit to our lives. So how can crystals help you develop it?  Meditation works, and learning to pay attention to dreams. Keeping a dream journal is important for this, as you try to work out what the dream was telling you. Learn to trust your hunches.

Place your crystals near your bed or in your bedroom, work space or any room you spend a lot of time in. Hang you amulet in your rearview mirror or around your neck. Thinking positive, good thoughts while touching your amulet helps open your mind to your intuition and allows thoughts to enter your mind that might have been stuck or not released for awhile. Trust in your “gut”. the small voice that we all have inside us. 



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