Safety & Health

Your safety and the safety of all people has always been and remains our top priority. From the time we were founded in 2003, until today we focus on non-toxic, eco-friendly and sustainable ways to ensure our company leaves as little footprint  as possible.  We have chosen to grow in an organically sound and sustainable way. We make sure that we are leaving this world a better place for our children by being a 100% landfill free company in our  studio.


BelleStyle cleans every piece of jewelry we make and sell before it is packaged into it’s sustainable jewelry box then placed in our sustainable linen travel pouch for shipping. We clean our real metals and wipe down stones, regularly. We are a family run boutique brand that focuses on health and safety since 2003. Our metals are lead and nickel free. Some of our pierce are hypo-allergenic copper that is naturally non toxic. 


BelleStyle designs our pieces with recycled, up cycled, vintage and antique findings. We also use all recycled paper on our print materials such as stickers, earrings cards, necklaces and boxes. All our packaging is recycled tissue paper, or sustainable compostable foam peanuts. Our boxes are all recycled. We are a landfill free company which means that we do not send any waste to landfills. Rather, we compost all waste food from our studio.

We recycle everything else including our waste metals such as silver, copper, gold and brass. If you ever would like to send your waste metals to us, we happily will recycle them for you. We do give gift cards for waste or recycled metals and old jewelry. The gift card amount reflects the recycled metal collected. For more information about our recycling program please email us at


We are a sustainable brand, this means that we create One of a kind original pieces with antique and vintage findings combined with new metals and chains.  We revive these vintage treasures into modern wearable pieces. We also package each piece in linen travel pouches that if thrown away, can be used as nesting for animals or easily compost into the ground. We also off sustainable crystal dishes, shell jewelry dishes and silver plated jewelry dishes. Locally sourced and vintage items are also for sale on our website. We recently introduced our Maison collection of sustainable home, crystal, and silver items. All print materials are on recycled paper, we use recycled boxes to ship. Shopify also honors carbon free shipping on most orders.

Eco-Friendly Shipping & Packaging:

The packaging we design with and package with is all recycled. We also recycle boxes and every and all waste. Our linen travel pouches and jewelry boxes can be compostable. Our packaging has a natural vibe and feel. Bellestyle is available for purchase via Shopify’s new SHOP app. When you ship from Shop Pay, delivery is always greener. They protect trees to offset the carbon emissions produced by your deliveries for free. You can also track your environmental impact, learn more at SHOP.

For local St. Louis, MO USA residents, we now offer FREE contactless doorstep delivery. Select “Local Delivery” at checkout and we will notify you when your order has been delivered to your front door. For more information about shipping, email us at:

We Give to Help:

We believe it’s our responsibility to be a social entrepreneur. That means we give back to charities and organizations that help our health and safety company directives. While each year is different, some non-profits that we have given to in the past years include: St. Jude, Variety, Heal the Bay, Missouri Coialition for the Environment, The Lymphoma & Leukemia Society, Pancreatic Cancer Network, Operation Smile, and many many more. For more information about our donation process, or to request a donation for a non-profit please email us at:

Non-Toxic Jewelry & Gifts

It’s our goal for you to feel good about our jewelry and home items. We offer non-toxic metals that are nickel and lead free. These metals include: sterling silver or 925, all types of gold (10K, 14K, 24K, gold filled) copper, and brass.

All of our items pass the E.U. Standards for jewelry quality, unless otherwise noted. Some of our imported items from Asia are copper. Copper is a hypo-allergenic metal and can turn a slight green if it gets wet. This is nothing to worry about, it will shine right back up with our sunshine cloth. We choose copper to design our more affordable pieces and because it is a hypo-allergenic metal.

The candles we offer are made with a lead-free wick, this means that you don’t breathe in toxic lead unknowingly when you light your candles. We also offer cooking spoons that are non-toxic and sustainable as no trees are cut down to create them. Check out our Maison Collection for sustainable home decor, jewelry dishes, soaps, candles, and more.


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About BelleStyle USA

Founded in 2003 by designer Heather Krako, BelleStyle was born in Miami Florida with the idea, that everyone has a guardian angel, wear it. Soon BelleStyle's large Angelwing necklace was seen on the necks of young hollywood stars and musicians alike.  Relocating to West Hollywood California, BelleStyle grew up among the showrooms in downtown LA to the local fashion co-ops. BelleStyle is seen on red carpets, on the necks of trendsetters and featured in multiple publications like Teen Vogue, Glamour, InStyle and seen on countless shows and movies like Entourage to reality hits like The Hills, Desperate Housewives, Today, Good Morning America and more. 

 Since conception BelleStyle has released multiple collections each year with inspiration based on travel, music, nature, and that you are unique, your jewelry should be too. BelleStyle features earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, vintage items, hoops, antique pieces, girls, guys (homme) and home goods (maison). 

In 2010, BelleStyle moved to St. Louis where it’s online shop headquartered today in Wildwood, MO. ships worldwide and is found at specialty boutiques and select Po-Up shops around the United States.  BelleStyle has been found at music festivals, Fashion Weeks in Miami, LA and STL.  Now offering sustainable BelleStyle Maison home products like eco wood spoons, select antique crystal items from United States, France, Spain, Austria and Japan. As well as sterling silver plated jewelry dishes, non-toxic candles, sustainable fine palm hats.