BelleStyle Desserts: Grandma’s Ice Cream Cake

BelleStyle Desserts: Grandma’s Ice Cream Cake


BelleStyle Grandma’s Ice Cream cake


Angel Food Cake: 1 box

Ice Cream: 2- Half gallons (I love Chocolate and coffee, my kids love Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip) The pictures from this cake are Chocolate & Mint chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Trader Joe’s

Cool Whip: One Container

Heath bar pieces: 1-2 bags 

BelleStyle Grandma’s Ice cream Cake

How To Make: 

Follow the directions on the Angel food cake box. Bake cake until golden brown on top. Once out of the oven, flip cake over on top of a glass wine or water bottle so that it cools upside down.  It usually takes about an hour to totally cool. You will want the cake totally cool to the touch before you cut it. It’s way easier to cut if it’s cool and you want the cut to be straight. Once cooled, cut into three sections. 

Take out your two or three half gallons of ice cream to cool with the cool whip. The trick to this easy cake is to have the ice cream and the cool whip totally soft because it makes it way easier to spread on the layers of the cake. 

Take to largest layer and place it on the bottom of a cake stand or marble stand. Make sure that it can fit into your freezer, and that there is already a spot for your cake in the freezer so that you can put it immediately to prevent melting.

Spread one of your ice cream flavors on the bottom layer about an 1-2 inches thick. Spread a light layer of cool whip, and sprinkle the heath bar. Add your middle cake layer and press down lightly. Spread your second ice cream choice on the cake about 1-2 inches thick and repeat with the cool whip and heath bar topping.

Lastly add the final layer of the Angel food cake. This should be put upside down so that the top is flat to finish spreading the cake. Press down again very lightly to secure the other layers in place. Spread your remaining Ice cream on the top or if you choose to have three flavors this is where your third flavor would go. about 1 inch thick on top to make the cake not too top heavy. Repeat with the cool whip and add the final heath bar crunchy topping on th cake. Spread any cool whip over flow around the sides to make the cake look like finished.

Immediate place into your freezer. Lest cool for about 1-2 hours before placing tin foil on it, that way the topping doesn’t stick to the foil.

After fully frozen its ready to cut and eat! Enjoy! And if you get a chance, leave us a comment and let us know how your cake was a hit with your family! We cannot wait to see what flavors you use and how much your family loves our Grandma’s Ice Cream Cake! 


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