How To Make Tissue Cup Preschool Game

How To Make Tissue Cup Preschool Game

This fun and easy game is great for any age preschooler. It can be customized for any holiday party, a tree for Christmas, a skull for Halloween or a heart for Valentine’s Day (shown). This game is super simple to play and everyone wins! Perfect for school parties.

You Will Need:

  • Paper cups- easily find the perfect size small cups at the dollar store, Michael’s or any paper good shop. I usually buy enough cups for each kid to play twice. for example my daughters class has 10 kids, so i bought 20 cups to make into a heart for her class.
  • Tissue paper cut into squares- its fun to mix colors together. For this heart Valentine’s game I used red and pink. But for Halloween I use black and orange and Christmas parties green and red. 
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Large rubber bands
  • Poster board- any color that you like but make sure it’s the thick poster board so it can hold the weight of the toys int the cups once glued.
  • Candy- Hershey kisses, blow pops, small lollipops and pother small candy your little lobe loves.
  • Toys- I find great filler toys at the party section in Target. This game has squishy animals, balls, heart rings, bubbles. Stickers are also a great addition. Really anything that can fit into the cup works well.

Candy and toy fillers for game


  • Arrange the cups in a design on the poster board.
  • Glue the bottom of each cup making the design laid out. Let dry for 5 minutes.
  • Next fill the cups with the toys, candy. Make sure to put the lollipops in top up so the stick does not pop through the tissue paper once it is finished.
  • Lay tissue paper on the cups and cover with rubber band to hold in place.
  • Repeat until every cup is covered with tissue.
  • Add decorations of you choice around the board.

Cups placed on poster board in heart decoration

To Play:

Bring three balls for the children to throw at the cup prizes, if they break apart a cup then they get to keep the prize inside! If they don’t break the cup with a ball, no worries! They can also punch in the cup with their hand and get the prize. Super simple, everyone wins.  Repeat until everyone is smiling and has had as many turns as you prepared for. 

Child filling cups for game

Tissue cup heart game




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