THe Healing Properties of Pyrite

THe Healing Properties of Pyrite

Pyrite semi-precious stone bracelet

Pyrite Crystal, also called “Fool’s Gold” is a very protective semi-precious stone, shielding the user from negative energy of all kinds. 

  • Pyrite protects from environmental pollution and physical danger.
  • Promotes good health and emotional well being.
  • Helps guide your spirit into higher wisdom.
  • Resets your brain into new thinking.
  • Good luck stone that pairs well with Citrine, Jade and Crystal Quartz to amplify energy.
  • Pyrite comes from the Greek work “Pry” which means fire.
  • Manifest male energy.
  • Symbol of abundance and prosperity.
  • Gives you strength and determination to tackle on challenging tasks.
  • Shield protects and helps you make thoughtful decisions.
  • One of the best Feng Shui crystals for encouraging money and abundance.



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