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La Vie Est Belle.

Keep your mind and heart open to limitless possibility, and you will be amazed by what manifests around and within you.

  • Watch with Glittering Eyes

    Nothing is permanent, nothing is insurmountable, and nothing - absolutely nothing - is impossible! Timeless sterling silver pieces here.

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  • We are Golden

    When you get really clear and honest about who you are and why you came here- you can’t help but focus your time and energy on things that are in natural alignment with your gifts and skills. Shop all our yellow gold pieces here.

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  • La Vie en Rose

    Confidence is not ‘they will like me’. Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’. Find your favorite rose gold pieces for every style here.

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Amazing Amulets

Midwest Made

Life is Beautiful.

Explore our world of jewelry, sustainable home good items, hats and bags.

  • Fine Palm Bags

    Sustainable fine palm woven bags and vintage French market bags have just launched. Check out our collection of bags here!

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  • Fine Palm Hats

    Fine palm hats are waterproof, easy to travel and offer 50 SPF from the Sun’s UV rays. Sustainable, handcrafted, long lasting. Shop our hat collection here.

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  • Home Decor

    Our Maison collection features non- toxic candles, sustainable crystal jewelry dishes, Eco wood cooking spoons, and so much more. Check out our home decor collection here.

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  • Freshwater Pearls

    The healing properties of freshwater pearls gives it wearer good health. We pair pearls with crystals, fine metals and stones. Choose from a variety of pearl pieces here.

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