About Us

About the Brand:

Founded in 2003 by designer Heather Krako, BelleStyle was born in Miami Florida with the idea, that everyone has a guardian angel, wear it. Soon BelleStyle's large Angelwing necklace was seen on the necks of young hollywood stars and musicians alike.  Relocating to West Hollywood California, BelleStyle grew up among the showrooms in downtown LA to the local fashion co-ops. BelleStyle is seen on red carpets, on the necks of trendsetters and featured in multiple publications like Teen Vogue, Glamour, InStyle and seen on countless shows and movies like Entourage to reality hits like The Hills. 

Since conception BelleStyle has released multiple collections each year with inspiration based on travel, music, nature, and the bohemain chic ideal that you are unique, your jewelry should be too. BelleStyle features earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, vintage furs, antique pieces, girls, men (homme) and home goods (maison). 

In 2010, BelleStyle moved to St. Louis where it’s online shop headquartered today in Wildwood, MO. BelleStyle.com ships worldwide and is found at specialty boutiques and select Po-Up shops around the United States. 

About the Designer:

BelleStyle was founded by designer Heather Krako her senior year of University. Heather remembers saving all her modeling and acting money to start BelleStyle. She graduated from The University of Miami-Coral Gables, Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a double major in Advertising and Graphic Design. Heather stayed in Maimi working as a freelance graphic designer and a sales associate at Intermix NY on South Beach when she decided to make BelleStyle’s first website and start selling her designs to local stores.  Websites were not the normal thing at the time. Virtually no one had a website. But she took her degree and put it to work for BelleStyle creating her first online shop. Soon after she decided to relocate to West Hollywood, California where the brand grew and is carried at specialty boutiques is seen on runways for LA Fashion Week and on the necks of actors, musicians and models. As well as featured in countless publications, movies and television shows. 

In 2010 Heather moved back to her hometown of St. Louis, Mo where today she is a mother to five children and wife to her husband Michael.  They help inspire and challenge her everyday. La Vie est Belle.

To contact Heather directly, please email heather@bellestyle.com.



BelleStyle has been handcrafted in America since 2003 and made of semi-precious stones and findings we love from around the world. The majority of our chain is made from American manufactuers with the remaining coming from Italy. We rework vintage pieces and add sustainable aspects to our designs adding fresh design to a vintage treasures. All our collections are made in small batches.  Many pieces are one of a kind and limited so you won’t find any mass produced styles here. Just handcrafted jewelry made from the best materials we find and love and want to share with you from around the world.

Make everyday a beautiful day with BelleStyle.


At BelleStyle, we believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. We take our children and grandchildren’s lives very seriously so we try to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.  We design with antique, vintage and sustainable pieces in our jewelry. Our tags are printed in the USA on recycled paper. The linen travel pouches that all of our jewelry comes in are made to reuse, but if they do get thrown away, birds can use them to nest. Our studio and showroom have a 100% ZERO waste policy, we literally recycle everything.

We design with eco-friendly materials such as our Eco Antlers that are collected after they have been shed so no Reindeer were harmed. BelleStyle also sources vintage fur, while they are real, they are not new. We offer faux suede for vegan lovers and sustainable wood beads, vintage lace, vintage charms, and chains. We chose materials from reliable sources and prefer non chemically treated stones and materials.

We make every choice with you, our customer in mind and the betterment of the planet.

We want a beautiful world and we know the only way to achieve that is if we all recognize we can make a difference.  We know where our materials come from the we stand by our jewelry. BelleStyle is a paper free company we do almost all our marketing online. BelleStyle also recycles all our materials that we do not use in the design process.

We hope that these small steps can inspire other companies to leave a smaller carbon footprint for all our children and all our futures.

For more questions about our sustianable practices, please email us at: info@bellestyle.com.


BelleStyle partners with many different charities and foundations each year. While we are always giving to new foundations and charities each year these non-profits are closest to our hearts...

The American Heart Association

Cardinal Glennon Hospital-Glennon Gala

Concordance Academy- Heather Krako (our designer) is a Brand Ambassador for this non-profit organization.