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Ranch Hat

Ranch Hat

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  • Hand woven fine palm hat.
  • Brim measures 5-5 1/2”.
  • Available in one size 7 or 22”.
  • 100% natural palm fiber is grown in warm coastal areas of Mexico and as a sustainable fiber is environmentally friendly.
  • SPF 50 rating by California Polytechnic State University.
  • Material: Hand woven palm sewn with double lock stickers. variations in color our weave are natural. Each hat is unique.
  • Packing: Palm is very pliable and can be packed in a suitcase with articles of clothing stuffed in and around the crown.
  • Re-Shaping: If the brim flattens simply spritz with water, bend to desired shape, and let dry. Use a steam iron tp press out any creases on the brim or crown.
  • Cleaning: Spot cleans with a damp cloth and water. Mild soap as needed.
  • Naturally water resistant: The overlapping layers of braided and sewn palm provide reliable protection against both the sun and rain. Dry naturally and reshape as needed.
  • Sun Protection: Tula hats are rated UPF 50+.
  • These hats support artisans to ensure fair wages, safe working conditions, environmental responsibility and economic growth.
  • Fair Trade Federation member.
  • Free doorstep delivery to the St. Louis area.
  • Hand woven with love in Mexico.



At BelleStyle, we design with the best materials we can find throughout the world. Each piece is unique, and has a story to tell with the specific materials it is made of.  

  • As a sustainable brand, our pieces include recycled findings such as stones, crystals, beads, charms, feathers, leather, vegan fur and leather.
  • We design with sterling silver chain manufactured in Italy.
  • Our 14KTGF gold and rose gold chains are manufactured in USA.
  • We support American manufacturers in New York, Florida, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Missouri who custom make our charms.  
  • Design with real semi-precious stones like Turquoise, Tiger eye, Lapis lazuli, Amazonite, Quartz (crystal, rose), Black onyx, Hematite, Fluorite, Garnet, Jade, Amethyst, Labradorite, Pyrite, Moonstone, Citrine, Carnelian, Peacock Ore, and Rhodonite. 
  • Design with real freshwater pearls and Mother of pearl.
  • Pieces are handcrafted with antique and vintage unique findings including coins, charms, horns, antlers, lockets, keys and more.



Jewelry Size chart:


  • Choker: 14-15”
  • Regular: 16”
  • Princess: 18”
  • Matinee: 20”, 24”
  • Opera: 30”
  • Ropes, Lariets & Long: 35”, 40”


  • Baby: 4-5”
  • Kids: 5-6”
  • Tween: 6-7”
  • Regular: 7-8”
  • Large: 8-9”
  • XL: 8.5-9.5”


  • Small: 1-2”
  • Medium: 2-3”
  • Large: 3-4”
  • XL: 4-5”


Care information

How to Care for your BelleStyle Jewelry:

Thank you for your BelleStyle purchase! Every item from BelleStyle is made with love and care. To keep your piece looking its best. Please follow our care suggestions.

  • Avoid chemicals like perfume, sunlight for long periods of time, and hitting your jewelry on hard surfaces.
  • Store your jewelry in the box or linen travel pouch provided to you.
  • Use only professional jewelry cleaners, we love the Sunshine cloth, click here to Shop.
  • Over time, your item may oxidize from the oxygen in the air or if kept near other metals.
  • Never wear your jewelry in a chlorinated pool or hot tube.
  • Do not wear during exercise.
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