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Spiritual & Luxe

Spiritual & Luxe Opulence Manifestation Elixir

Spiritual & Luxe Opulence Manifestation Elixir

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  • Attract abundance, peace, prosperity and love.
  • Combines orange and ginger oil used by ancient cultures to attract prosperity and magnify joy and peace.
  • Rose petals: attracts love in all areas of life.
  • Blue corn flowers: balances spirituality and attract abundance.
  • 24K edible gold flakes: an empowering force, positive, bright, and representing illumination, love and elevated wisdom.
  • Citrine chips: attracts abundance, wealth, prosperity in all areas of life.
  • Calendula Petals: calming, comforting, protection.
  • Made with therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • Frankincense: overcome stress. High in sesquiterpenes and naturally occurring boswellic acid. It helps uplift mood and brings feelings of relaxation.
  • Orange: rich in limonene for happiness and peace, calms the mind.
  • Patchouli: grounds, centers, balances emotional and mental equilibrium.
  • Ginger: energizing and uplifting courage.
  • Spruce: opens and releases blocks. Physically grounding and relaxing. It is also said to release blocks to prosperity and wealth.
  • Clove: mental stimulant and soothing.
  • Cinnamon: encourages self confidence and encouraged a prosperity mindset.
  • Myrrh: opens our mind to receiving gifts.
  • How to Use: simply place 2-3 drops on wrists, feet and neck. Rub in circular motion and inhale. Thinks about already receiving abundance in many forms, feel feelings of happiness, picture yourself receiving only good things. Expect good things to come your way. 
  • Comes in linen pouch.
  • Made in Miami, Fl USA.


At BelleStyle, we design with the best materials we can find throughout the world. Each piece is unique, and has a story to tell with the specific materials it is made of.  

  • As a sustainable brand, our pieces include recycled findings such as stones, crystals, beads, charms, feathers, leather, vegan fur and leather.
  • We design with sterling silver chain manufactured in Italy.
  • Our 14KTGF gold and rose gold chains are manufactured in USA.
  • We support American manufacturers in New York, Florida, California, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Missouri who custom make our charms.  
  • Design with real semi-precious stones like Turquoise, Tiger eye, Lapis lazuli, Amazonite, Quartz (crystal, rose), Black onyx, Hematite, Fluorite, Garnet, Jade, Amethyst, Labradorite, Pyrite, Moonstone, Citrine, Carnelian, Peacock Ore, and Rhodonite. 
  • Design with real freshwater pearls and Mother of pearl.
  • Pieces are handcrafted with antique and vintage unique findings including coins, charms, horns, antlers, lockets, keys and more.



Jewelry Size chart:


  • Choker: 14-15”
  • Regular: 16”
  • Princess: 18”
  • Matinee: 20”, 24”
  • Opera: 30”
  • Ropes, Lariets & Long: 35”, 40”


  • Baby: 4-5”
  • Kids: 5-6”
  • Tween: 6-7”
  • Regular: 7-8”
  • Large: 8-9”
  • XL: 8.5-9.5”


  • Small: 1-2”
  • Medium: 2-3”
  • Large: 3-4”
  • XL: 4-5”


Care information

How to Care for your BelleStyle Jewelry:

Thank you for your BelleStyle purchase! Every item from BelleStyle is made with love and care. To keep your piece looking its best. Please follow our care suggestions.

  • Avoid chemicals like perfume, sunlight for long periods of time, and hitting your jewelry on hard surfaces.
  • Store your jewelry in the box or linen travel pouch provided to you.
  • Use only professional jewelry cleaners, we love the Sunshine cloth, click here to Shop.
  • Over time, your item may oxidize from the oxygen in the air or if kept near other metals.
  • Never wear your jewelry in a chlorinated pool or hot tube.
  • Do not wear during exercise.
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