Om aum charm necklace gold
Om aum charm necklace gold
Om aum necklace gold
Om aum gold charm necklace
Om aum charm necklace bellestyle gold logo tag

Tibet Om Necklace

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  • The Om is an ancient symbol associated with the sound of the universe. It’s represents the three worlds-earth, atmosphere and heaven.
  • Mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe.
  • Om is the root of the universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold everything together.
  • The Om symbol itself symbolizes the waking state, the state of the subconscious and the human consciousness.
  • Vintage gold Om symbol charm (Thailand).
  • Triple gold chains featuring ball, churn and roll chains.
  • Measures 24”.
  • Gold 14 karat fold filled logo charm.
  • Gold lobster clasp.
  • Comes in linen travel pouch.
  • Made in USA.
  • One of a kind.